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bet capri sportsbookUpdated In April, 2018 - Bet Capri has been online since 2003. Many online sports bettors incorrectly assume that is a regular online sportsbook like Bovada or Betonline. BetCapri is actually a platform used by bookies, a sports betting management system. If you look at the web site you will notice that there is no way for a visitor to register a new account. Bookies and agents create accounts for their customers and that is the only way for someone to open a Bet Capri account in 2014.

The Bet Capri sportsbook and casino is not like other USA friendly sports books and casinos on the Internet in 2014. All they offer is bookmaking management services. Bookies or agents will create account account for their customers. Instead of calling or texting your personal bookie with your wagers or wasting his time asking about lines and such, BetCapri enables sports bettors to simply select their wagers on their online platform. This 2014 review explains how they work, what they offer and how safe they are.

Agents and bookies at Bet Capri setup an account for one of their customers and credits the account with however much he wants to give. The customer can then proceed to make sports wagers or play at the Bet Capri Casino. Everything is tracked so both the bookie and the customer can easily access wagers, wins and losses. If a customer loses his balance he or she will then pay the bookie either in person or through whatever means they use to square up.

BetCapri Sportsbook review

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Bet Capri has nothing in common with the largest online sportsbook in 2014; Bovada. Bet Capri is a tool for bookies and their customers while is the safest and most trusted online sportsbook for USA citizens in 2014. Bovada does not use the Vegas lines like does. They put out their own lines.

The Bovada sports book accepts deposits from Americans and processes U.S. payouts in 3-7 days. They have been online for 14 years and are the most trusted online gambling site in the world. Bet Capri is basically a throw-back to the days when personal bookies and bookmakers controlled the sports betting industry. Bookies have went the way of the dinosaurs because of the advantages USA friendly sportsbooks like Bovada Sports offer.

Use our link to visit and sign up. Once done you can claim our 50% bonus up to $250, our betting rebates and the occasional free sports bet. BetCapri does not offer bonuses, unless you bookie opts to give you extra money. Bovada accepts action on about 3 times as many sporting events as Bet Capri, and their lines and payouts are generally better.

2014 betcapri review

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Betonline is the second most popular Internet sportsbook for USA citizens in 2014. They are also nothing like Millions of Americans place NFL, MLB and NBA bets at Bet Online and Bovada but a rapidly decreasing number of sports bettors are willing to place wagers with personal bookies, who may or may not have the money to pay them. Bovada is a billion dollar company and has hundreds of millions in assets so they are on a different level when compared to BetCapri in terms of financial security.

Our 2014 Bet Online Sportsbook bonus package includes several free sports bets. These free bets include a free $50 mobile sports bet, free $25 live in-play sport bet, free $25 horse bet and a free $25 live dealer casino bet. You will also receive a weekly 7% rebate on your betting action and a 10% refund on any casino losses. Last but not least is Betonline's $1,000 deposit bonus and reload bonuses on every deposit you ever make. BetOnline is the easiest U.S. sports book, casino, poker room, skill game room and live casino for Americans to deposit at in 2014 and they also have the quickest cashouts.

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review of in 2014 - what is bet Capri?

is betcapri legit, safe, scamMany people have asked me to write a review for 2014. They want to know what BetCapri is and how works and if it is safe or not. Is BetCapri a legit, safe sportsbook or a scam in 2014? The answer to this is no. BetCapri is not an actual sports book. They do not accept wagers or pay out on wagers. The financial aspect of sports betting at Bet Capri via a bookie or an agent has nothing to do with Bet Capri does not pay winning bettors and they do not collect money when users lose. All of that is handled by the bookie. BetCapri charges the bookies and agents who send their customers to the website. I believe they charge a fixed limit per head, like a subscription, for the convenience of customers being able to log in to the Bet Capri web site, chose their wagers and track their wins and losses. Another cool thing about Bet Capri in 2014 is that sports bettors can transfer some of the money placed into the account by their bookie to the BetCapri Casino. The Bet Capri Casino has all of the major games like Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Card Poker, Baccarat, video poker, Craps, Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker and Stud poker.

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Before services like Bet Capri and their sister site 1BetVegas came along bookies had to have a very good memory and a tedious filing system to manage wagers, sports bettors, lines, odds, incoming and outgoing payments. This 2014 review will explain how Bet Capri operates and look at what people have said about at online sports betting and gambling forums in the USA.

The Bet Capri web site is one of around 20 different bookmaker management sites online. BetCapri is the most popular and the best known. I did some research on Bet Capri and I found several forum posts and ripoff reports stating that Bet Capri is not safe. Personally, I do not know why anyone would ever use a service like this or a personal bookie. Why accept fewer betting options, lower payouts, inferior lines and the questionable financial stability and reliability of a bookie using a platform like Bet Capri? Instead, Internet sports bettors from the USA can place wagers with the largest online books in the world: Bovada and Betonline. The money in your Bovada or Bet Online account is 100% real. They are generally considered the oldest and most trusted USA friendly poker sites, casinos, sports books and racebooks on the Internet in 2014. Betting through a bookie, even if they use BetCapri's useful software to track and record everything, is simply less safe than Bovada and Betonline. Bookies are an outdated concept and their end was set in stone when the first online sports betting sites started popping up. There are just no solid reasons to place your sport and horse bets through a bookie and countless reasons why you shouldn't. I have listed the best U.S.A. sports betting sites in 2014 below. We have special free sports bet and bonus deals at each U.S. bookmaker. Some offer poker and casino in addition to sports betting. They all have the latest mobile sports betting and live in-play betting features.


bet capri phone number - support phone numberThe support at is available 24/7. There are a few different ways for you to contact BetCapri customer service. The web site doesn't have a "Contact Us" section. Once you log in either as a customer or a agent you will find the phone number and Bet Capri customer support emails. I do have contact info for the owner of in 2014 and general support.

- phone number: 1 888 250 2702
- owner / admin contact number: 001+506-886-0204
- Betcapri support email address:
- BetCapri owner/admin contact email:

BetCapri Company Review

Bet Capri is just one site in a network of similar sites. The only other well known bookie platform site other than is Bet Capri is based out of Costa Rica but I have read that they have offices in Florida and Las Vegas. In 2003 Bet Capri was a traditional sportsbook but they went offline until 2009 when the current Betcapri service was launched.

Betcapri Review

is betcari safe & legit in 2014?

betcapri usa sportsbook 2014Thousands of bookies use the Betcapri wagering platform. The actual company behind Bet Capri does not take wagers. This has caused a lot of confusion because when a bookie who uses BetCapri rips one of their customers off it usually gets blamed on BetCapri, instead of the actual bookie. Some of the handicappers and bookmaker agents who send their customers to Bet Capri have shady reputations. In 2014, is safe, legal and a legit sportsbook? The company won't rob you - but it really depends on your bookie. He is the person who will have to pay you if you win money. In this day in age there are no viable reasons to risk your money with a bookie or sportsbook agent using Bet Capri. USA-friendly internet sportsbooks like Bovada, Carbon Sports, Betonline and simply offer a safer and better service. You will never have to worry about not getting paid when you place your wagers at one of these U.S. sports books in 2014.

Is BetCapri Safe In 2014?

BetCapri is safe in the sense that the company will not rip your off or steal your money. They never actually possess your money. The agents and bookies who use the Bet Capri sports betting software are the ones you have to worry about. I've read several reports on, RipoffReport and SBR about sports bettors being ripped off by BetCapri. People mistakenly accuse Bet Capri of stealing their money but the bookies and agents are the ones stealing your money. Bet Capri is safe and fair but most bookies are not so I strongly suggest trying one of the genuine and legit online sportsbooks for USA citizens in 2014.

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Best US Sportsbook In April, 2014

Millions of American sports bettors chose the sports book as their top place to wager on sports. They are the best sportsbook online in 2014 for a wide range of reasons. They have the best lines and odds in most cases. Obviously a good line for one bettor is a bad line for another. A book cannot be the best for both betting on the favorite and betting on the underdog. Experienced Internet sports bettors have noted that the #2 USA bookmaker Betonline has the best lines and odds for betting on the favorite while Bovada has the best lines and odds for betting on the underdog. They compliment each other very well so savvy bettors know that holding an account at each is almost mandatory for serious bettors. Bovada doesn't have any real competition when it comes to parlay bets, teaser bets, futures bets, props and other kinds of sport bets. Bovada is also the best Internet sportsbook for live in-play betting and mobile sports betting. Betonline and our other leading books do tend to beat Bovada in promotions but Bovada makes up for that by offering turbo payouts to their American customers in 2014. You can claim a 50% bonus up to $250, betting rebates and free bets when you visit using this link. is hardly a sportsbook at all but compared to Bovada they are extremely inadequate. That concludes this 2014 BetCapri review and guide.